How to Maintain Your Fountain

You may be unsure of how often to replace the water in your fountain as it evaporates. This is understandable, and the truth is, there is no set answer. The evaporation rate of your fountain depends on many things – the season, the temperature, humidity levels, and what kinds of heating and cooling systems you use in your home or office, for indoor fountains. These are just a few of the variables that affect how quickly or slowly the water in your fountain will evaporate. Rather than developing a sophisticated and complex computer program that will determine how often you should add water to your wall fountain and how much to add, experimentation works the best.

The right water level for your fountain is at least a quarter inch from the top of the water basin, but above the top of the pump. This means that the pump is fully submerged. Be sure to not let the water level get lower than the top of the pump, or else the pump may not work properly and could even burn out. By keeping the water level at the right level – not to low, and not too high – you will help to eliminate splashing that can result from water levels too high and protect your pump at the same time.

Indoor fountains usually do not need to be refilled as often as outdoor fountains do. This is because there is no wind or sun indoors. If you keep your house cool during the summer, the water will not evaporate as quickly. Outdoor fountains need to be filled more often because wind and sunlight evaporate the water at a quicker rate.

Your indoor fountain will probably need about a cup of water added every other day or so – but this is not an exact science. Check the water level of your water fountain regularly and add water as needed. Soon you will get into a routine. You will eventually learn how often to add water to your fountain. This will vary from state to state and climate to climate – hence why there is no set rule for how much water you should place in your fountain for a given period of time.

Complete replace your fountain's water every four to six months. This will keep it clean and prevent it from getting slimy or smelly.

Water evaporation rates depend on where you live and where your fountain is. Evaporation changes with the weather and the seasons. Check on your fountain frequently to make sure there is enough water in it, and you will quickly learn how often to replace evaporated water.

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How to Replace Evaporated Water
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