How to Practice Feng Shui with Water Fountains

According to ancient Chinese tradition, chi is the energy that flows all around us. There is positive and negative chi (yin and yang), and there are ways you can affect chi. Having positive chi can improve luck, prosperity, and peace of mind. To get the positive chi flowing in your home, follow these tips.

Feng shui utilizes the five elements of wood, water, fire, earth, and metal to channel good energy into your home. To practice feng shui in your home, first clear away clutter. Clutter creates obstacles and inhibits your comfort. Have you noticed that you feel better in a space that is not cluttered? This could be because the clutter is inviting negative energy into your living space.

Water is an essential element in feng shui. Because water represents wealth and prosperity, be sure to fix any leaks you may have in the house. Leaks symbolize a loss of wealth, which you of course do not want.

Clear, clean water is important in your home. You can introduce it with a water fountain. Consult a Bagua map to locate the bottom center of each room. This is the part associated with your career, and the place where you'll want to place your desktop fountain. If you want your career to flow prosperously, a water fountain is an excellent thing to introduce into your home.

Freeing up space will open your life up to new opportunities and new relationships. If you are seeking either of these, do not only de-clutter; move beyond eliminating clutter and get rid of unnecessary things entirely. If you haven't used it in a year, why keep it? Free up space and open up your life to new experiences.

Don't ignore logistics when practicing feng shui. Use common sense. If following a certain suggestion does not work with your architecture or will block conversation, you don't have to use it. Remember, feng shui is supposed to make your home or office a more pleasant place to be. If you don't like some suggestions, you aren't obligated to follow them.

Enjoy your living space with these feng shui practices. Your home or office will allow the good energy to flow in and the bad energy to flow out. You will be more at peace if you follow these practices, and you may even find that your life begins to open up in new ways. Enjoy your home or office, feng shui style.

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How to Practice Feng Shui with Water Fountains
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