Indoor waterfall

Any Style, any Budget Our beautiful indoor fountain designs will bring the vitality and beauty of a mountain cascade right into your office or living room. With hundreds of styles to choose from, has an indoor waterfall to suit any budget and any taste. More than just another decoration, an indoor waterfall also makes a powerful statement about who you are.

The Finest Craftsmanship Every indoor waterfall from is made with the highest quality components, like hand blown glass paneling and custom cut stone features. In addition, every indoor floor fountains on our site comes with a one year warranty, and is guaranteed to satisfy or we'll refund the full purchase price. From our burnished copper desktop indoor waterfall series, to our line of freestanding large indoor waterfalls, every one of our designs brings the timeless elegance of running water into your environment on a daily basis.

Washing Away Stress When you buy an indoor wall fountains from us, you get more than just a visually stunning piece of artwork. The pleasant white noise of cascading water relieves stress and provides a calming respite from the chaos of daily life. We also believe that an indoor fountain should be a source of pleasure and relaxation, so every indoor fountain we sell is splash free, and requires no special plumbing.

A Tool For Better Health An indoor waterfall can even have positive effects on your health. The white noise produced by the running water of an indoor water fountain has been shown to alleviate some types of insomnia, and this universally appealing sound also dissolves tension and clears the mind. Large indoor waterfalls also help to maintain healthy levels of humidity in the air, preventing dry skin and chapped lips.

The Positive Effects of Negative Ions You know that energetic feeling that you get when you walk along a mountain stream, or along the sea shore? That feeling of vitality is due mainly to the high concentrations of particles called negative ions in the air. With an indoor waterfall, you can bring that fresh air feeling home.

Just like pounding surf or a fast moving river, an indoor waterfall also releases negative ions. These particles have the power to increase your energy level and lift your mood. Negative ions also bond with impurities in the atmosphere like pollen and dust, causing them to settle harmlessly on the floor where they aren't polluting the air you breath. The negative ions produced by an indoor water fountain have also been shown to have a dramatic effect on energy levels and mood. There are even some studies indicating that negative ions may be an effective treatment for depression.
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Indoor waterfall
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