Fountain Installation Is Simple!

While we cannot come to your home, office, or garden and install your fountain for you, professional installation is not required for the fountains we sell. Most of our fountains can be assembled by one person alone. Some of the larger ones require two people for lifting and hanging. If your fountain is large and you require assistance, a local contractor should be able to assist you. Simply call a number listed in the phone book for a contractor. Few if any of our fountains require contracftor assistance, however. You should be able to install the instructions by yourself or with a friend. Installing your fountain ought to be as easy as following the instructions.

All of our water fountains come with easy installation instructions, written in simple language so that anyone can understand them. Some fountains come fully assembled, while others require you to tighten a few screws to prepare the final piece. Either way, installation is not tough! If you are having trouble installing a fountain, you can call the number provided for assistance, or hire a contractor. However, we do not anticipate that you will encounter any difficulty when installing your fountain.

Installing a wall fountain is often as easy as hanging a picture frame. You may need a level to ensure that your fountain is hanging straight and to prevent water from splashing out. You may need a screwdriver or a hammer, but other than these basic tools, everything you need will be provided in your package. For wall fountains, you may wish to install a power outlet directly behind where you wish to hang your fountain in order to conceal the cord. If viewing a power cord does not bother you, then no special installation is required. Because many wall fountains are heavy, be sure to use the provided hanging tools; otherwise your fountain may fall off the wall! But don't let this deter you from getting one; simply follow the instructions and your fountain will be secure. Many large fountains, such as those made of slate, stone, or marble, are heavy, so you may require some assistance hanging them. This assistance need not be professional, however, unless you are more comfortable hiring a contractor to hang it for you.

Be sure to follow the instructions carefully to prevent voiding your warranty and to make sure you install it correctly. Remember, you have made an investment in this fountain, and taking a little care to install it properly will ensure its smooth function as well as your enjoyment.

Installing fountains is usually a do-it-yourself project, or a do-it-with-a-friend project. The pieces in your package should fit together easily. If you wish to embellish your fountain with items such as river stones, flowers, and scented essential oils, go ahead - make your fountain yours!

Add a bit of conditioner specially made for fountains to the water once your fountain is running to prevent bacteria and mineral buildup. All that's left to do is enjoy your fountain. Maintenance is minimal once the installation is complete.

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Fountain Installation Is Simple!
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