How to Practice Feng Shui in Your Garden

Gardens are wonderful havens for us. They are places of comfort and joy. By practicing feng shui in your garden, you can make it an even more enjoyable place in which to spend time.

Begin by adding wind and water to your fountain. Feng shui literally means "wind water," so water and wind are crucial. To bring an element of wind into your garden, hang some wind chimes. The wind will create a beautiful chiming sound when it moves the wind chimes, helping your garden to feel more peaceful.

Add water with a water fountain. Water will bring good luck to your garden. If you have a small river flowing, ensure that the water flows toward your home instead of away from it. This will ensure that the good luck flows into your home instead of out of it.

The best feng shui fountain will be made out of stone. This is because feng shui incorporates many elements, including stone. Try obtaining a wall fountain made from granite or another rock. This will look beautiful in your garden, and the contrast between the moving water and solid rock will represent the balance between movement and stillness. You can also incorporate the element metal into your garden with a fountain. Many fountains have copper or stainless steel frames. These are beautiful, durable, and will help to keep the balance of chi, or energy, positive in your garden.

To add the element of fire, think of red things you can put in your garden. This includes bright flowers, red stones, and red pots. They will further energize your garden and balance out the chi.

Ensure that your garden is tidy. A cluttered space creates negative energy. Keep your garden free of weeds, garbage, and other junk that will clutter the space. You do not want to have clutter in your garden, as this will not help it to be a relaxing place for you to visit.

If you incorporate all five of the elements into your garden, it will be a harmonious, balanced place. You can spend time here to escape the pressures of the world. A well-balanced garden takes a bit of work to plan and maintain, but once this is accomplished, it will be well worth it. You can feel at ease knowing that feng shui is creating a harmonious place for you to visit. Just take note of how you feel when you're in your garden to see that it is working.

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How to Practice Feng Shui in Your Garden
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