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Welcome to Discount Fountains, the largest online retailer of decorative waterfalls and wall fountains. Browse through our complete collection of both small and larger fountains and find the decorative water fountain that is perfect for your home or office. Here you will find a complete selection in a variety of design, prices and materials.

Decorative water fountains ad the soothing sound of water to your home as well as aesthetically pleasing decor. Many of our discount fountains are accented with lighting that throws rippling shadows on the floor and walls turning any room into a vibrant lively space. Our customers consistently tell us how much more comforting their rooms feel after adding a decorative waterfall. We are confident that you will feel the same.

Each of our indoor decorative fountains has been designed to capture the essence and ambience of natures finest visual wonders. Here you will find decorative waterfall units that emulate icy glaciers, warm beach sunsets and exotic lily ponds. Designed to inspire imagination and creativity, our decorative wall fountains take the mind to serene and magical places where you can evade the bustle of everyday life.

So go ahead, browse our online catalog, and don't be surprised to find your imagination wondering and your body relaxing as you view or decorative waterfalls. If our website has that effect on viewers, just imagine the effects of owning the real thing.

Each indoor fountain found at Discount Fountains is guaranteed to flow for years. All of the pumps used come with a one year warranty and their are detailed care instructions for each of the different natural materials we use. Decorative wall fountains are virtually maintenance free but their are cleaning procedures that will keep your fountain running and looking like new.
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Decorative water fountain
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