Caring for Your Fountain Is Easier Than Caring for a Houseplant!

Maintaining your water fountain is very easy. With just a small amount of attention, your water fountain will flourish. In fact, caring for a water fountain may be easier than caring for a houseplant. With a bit of attention, you will be able to enjoy your water fountain for years to come. All you need to do is keep the water levels of your fountain adequate, wipe it down occasionally, treat the water, and keep debris away from your fountain so as not to disrupt the water's flow.

Wipe your fountain occasionally with a soft cloth that will not scratch the surface of the fountain parts. You can use a sponge or washrag. This will keep your fountain clean and free from dust, but will not harm your fountain in any way. Wipe the fountains face, the basin, and the rocks. Unless you have hard water, you should not need to clean the inside of the water reservoir.

If water splashes out while you are wiping down your copper wall fountain, you may wish to turn your fountain off during cleaning. Cleaning should not take long at all, and your pump should be able to function adequately when you turn it back on.

Water levels on your fountain must be maintained, which is as simple as adding a bit of water to your fountain's basin. A good rule of thumb for the frequency of adding water to your fountain is this: add water to your fountain any time you water your plants. This way your plants will stay healthy, and your fountain will have a continuous flow of water. Ensure that the pump is always submerged under water. Do this by keeping the water level a good inch or more above the pump. By keeping your pump submerged, it will not burn itself out.

There are numerous water fountain treatments available. To keep your water clean and free from algae and mineral deposits, add a drop of treatment for each gallon of water you have, or follow the instructions on the package of the treatment. Completely change the water once every four to six months to keep it clean and odor-free. Use distilled water, which will prevent the buildup of minerals. If you do not wish to or cannot use distilled water, add an anti-white scale water treatment to the water.

If you keep your fountain outdoors, keep it clear from debris, which the wind may blow into it. This will prevent the pump from becoming clogged. If your pump becomes clogged, you may need to replace it. If you do need a new pump, you should be able to order one from your fountain manufacturer or provider.

By following these simple steps you will be able to enjoy your water fountain for a long time. Water fountains create an atmosphere of tranquility, and that tranquility need not be disrupted by difficulty in maintenance. Maintaining a water fountain is easier than maintaining a houseplant; you simply need to keep it clean, full of water, and treat the water that is in it. With a little care your fountain will last a long time, making it a great investment that need not be fretted over.

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Caring for Your Fountain Is Easier Than Caring for a Houseplant!
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