How to Maintain Your Fountain

You've ordered a fountain. This is a wonderful investment that will make you happy with its beauty and style for years to come. To make your fountain live even longer than its warranty, there are a few things you can do.

Maintain the water level in your water fountain. The pump should always be completely submerged, but do not have the water level higher than one quarter inch below the top of the basin. If the pump is not submerged, it may burn out and you will need to replace it. If the water level is too high, water may splash out onto surrounding furniture and floors. Because the water will evaporate over time, add water to it periodically, about as often as you water your plants.

Read the instructions before installing your wall fountain. Even if installation seems intuitive, it is important that you follow the instructions carefully to avoid overlooking something or ending up with parts with which you don't know what to do. Following the instructions carefully ensures that you will preserve the integrity of your warranty. If you alter your fountain or cause problems because of improper installation, you may void your warranty.

To prevent your water from emitting odors or getting slimy, change the water every four to six months. Changing the water should not be difficult if you have a small fountain. Simply siphon or pour the water out, then refill it using a cup or pitcher.

Treat the water with a solution that prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. You can pick this up at a garden or pond shop, or order it online. Just a few drops per gallon should do (read the instructions on the bottle for the exact amount for the particular product you are using), so a bottle should last you a long time. This will keep the water clean.

Make sure the fountain is in a place where it is free of debris that may clog up the pump. If the pump does get clogged, use a toothbrush to clean the outside and inside of it, if it is able to be opened. When your fountain gets dirty, wipe it with water or a special cleaner and a soft-nonabrasive cloth. You can remove fingerprints in this same way. Keeping your fountain clean is not hard at all. With minimal care, your fountain will last a very long time. By following the above tips, it may last even longer than you expect it to last. Anyone can maintain a fountain.

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How to Maintain Your Fountain
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