La Danse de la Fontaine Emergente: France’s Coolest Fountain

La Danse de la Fontaine Emergente (Dance of the Emerging Fountain)

What you see above is not a set piece from the latest Michael Bay movie. It is an impressive modern water fountain located in France. Named the La Danse de la Fontaine Emergente (roughly translated to the Dance of the Emerging Fountain), it depicts a giant dragon tunneling into and emerging from the ground. It is an impressive project, combining metal work, water feature engineering, and artistic vision all together.

This outdoor fountain was commissioned by the City of Paris in 199 and completed in 2008. Sadly, the artist who designed the sculpture Chen Zhen died in 2000, but left his designs to his spouse Xu Min, who completed the project. The engineering was done by a Turkish company called UTS Engineering. Funding was provided by the Ministry of Culture of France. If you want to visit it, you can find it located in the Place Augusta-Holmes, rue Paul Klee, in the 13th arrondissement.

It really is a sight to behold. Water gets stream through the body with different colored lights. It might not be what one considers a typical water fountain; it is more like a water sculpture. Its combination of art and engineering is something most cities strive for. If you are in Paris, I highly recommend you check it out for yourself. The fountain has three parts. The first part depicts the dragon snaking out of the wall of the water-supply plant and tunneling underground. The other parts tunnel in and out of the pavement, where kids love to climb and adults love to take photos. If you like contemporary, industrial art, this water fountain is sure to please.

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