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Custom Indoor Fountains
Custom Indoor waterfalls and custom indoor fountains transform silent homes and office spaces into soothing natural environments rich with sound.

Indoor Fountain and Wall Fountain Assembly
We recommend purchasing indoor waterfalls with modular assembly to make mounting easy and safe. For detailed mounting information please consult the instructions provided with your indoor fountain.

Decorative Waterfalls
Browse through our complete collection of both small and larger fountains and find the decorative water fountain that is perfect for your home or office.

Indoor Waterfalls
Discount Fountains has a full line of indoor waterfall and water fountains for you to select.

Negative Ions
Negative ions have been proven to have a positive impact on health, mood, and energy. Negative ions also bond with impurities in the air, adhering to suspended particles and removing them.

Discount Massage Chairs
People sometimes don't realize that a discount massage chair can do many things the more expensive massage chairs can.

Memory Foam Mattress
As a space shuttle is being blasted off from earth, g-forces are applied to the astronauts body and puts pressure and strain over every inch of their muscles.

Interior Wall Fountains
Our interior wall fountains are more than just beautiful works of art.

Tundra Diamond
Diamond fueled civil war in Sierra Leone has claimed thousands of lives and left untold thousands more with missing hands and feet

Caring for Your Fountain Is Easier Than Caring for a Houseplant!

Eliminating Noise Is Easier Than You May Think

I Don't Want My Fountain to Splash!

Fountain Installation Is Simple!

Your Fountain Won't Be Too Noisya

How to Add a Wall Fountain to Your Home or Office

How to Find the Fountain That Matches Your Office Décor

How to Build a Small Water Garden

How a Fountain Can Beautify Your Garden

How to Get a Fine Art Fountain in Your Home

How to Get a Green Fountain

How to Add a Wall Fountain to Your Home

How to Improve Business with a Water Fountain

How to Improve Your Garden with Creativity

How to Maintain a Garden Fountain

How to get a Bargain on a Fountain

How to Customize Your Fountain

How to Choose a Fountain Retailer

How to Keep an Environmentally Friendly Fountain

How to Give the Gift of a Fountain

How to Improve the Air You Breathe with Negative Ions

How to Practice Feng Shui in Your Office

How to Add a Solar-Powered Fountain to Your Yard

How to Create a Retreat in Your Own Yard

How to Practice Feng Shui in Your Garden

How a Fountain Can Help You Sleep

How to Combine Creativity and Water in Your Garden

How to Practice Feng Shui with Water Fountains

How to Benefit from a Solar Fountain

How to Quickly Implement Feng Shui in Your Home

How to Replace Your Fountain's Pump

How to Care for a Stainless Steel Fountain

How to Care for an Acrylic Fountain

How to Maintain Your Fountain

How to Replace Evaporated Water

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