Your Fountain Won't Be Too Noisy

Adjusting the noise level of water flow in your fountain is easy. Most of our wall fountains have flow pumps that are adjustable. Such pumps come with switches that mediate how forcefully the water is pumped. Experiment with this switch to adjust the volume of flowing water in your fountain. The more forcefully the water flows, the louder your pump will be, while the lower the force, the quieter it will be. If you do not want to hear the fountain, turn the pump all the way down. If you want to hear the sound of trickling water more loudly, turn it up. If your fountain is slate, you may need to make the surface wet before you run the fountain. Use a wet washcloth or your hand to do so. This will ensure that the water falls down the fountain's slate face properly and break any tension it may meet as it falls. You will need to have the water flowing properly to accurately ascertain what the fountain will regularly sound like.

If the water noise is too loud, an attractive way to meet your preferences is by adding a few smooth stones to the fountain's basin. You can buy these stones at a craft or specialty store, or find them along a river or beach. If you find them yourself, they may add special meaning to your fountain. When the water falls into the basin, the rocks will decrease the splashing noise. They will also be beautiful to look at. You can also try using things like flat marbles and other small, waterproof objects.

How full the basin is also changes the sound of the water. A fuller basin makes the noise softer, because the water has less distance to fall, while a basin with a decreased water level will sound louder, as the water must fall further. Ensure that the pump is always fully submerged when adjusting the basin's water level. If the pump is not fully submerged, the noise will be even louder, and less pleasant than the sound of flowing water. The noise emitted from the pump should be minimal.

If the pump itself is too noisy, ensure that the pump is fully submerged. If the pump is not fully submerged, it will fill with air bubbles and emit an unpleasant noise. Once the water level has been restored, the noise should stop. If the noise does not stop, check to see if the pump is vibrating against the side or bottom of the reservoir basin. Attach a sponge to the place against which it vibrates - underneath or next to the pump - and the noise should cease.

Remember that it is normal for tabletop fountains to make some amount of noise - after all, the peaceful sound of trickling water is part of their allure. The sound of running water drowns out background noise and soothes the senses. With the above tips, you should be able to control how loud the sound of flowing water is. Enjoy the sound of flowing water for what it is - nature's tranquility inside your home!

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Your Fountain Won't Be Too Noisy
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