How to Care for an Acrylic Fountain

You've decided to bring an acrylic fountain into your home. Great! Acrylic fountains are lightweight. They may compose your entire fountain or just a part of it. They can take the place of glass, as they can take on the look of glass without the breakability that glass has. The only question is, how do you care for your acrylic or partially-acrylic fountain?

Acrylic fountains are beautiful and versatile. They can come in many forms and take on many looks. If you have purchased an acrylic wall fountain, it requires a bit of special care to keep it clean. Don't let this scare you away from purchasing one, however – using the right materials, your fountain should be easy to clean safely.

When cleaning your fountain, if you decide to clean it inside and out, you may need to drain it of water. If you are only cleaning the surface, however, you can simply turn off the fountain's water flow for the period during which you're cleaning it.

To clean your fountain, use a nonabrasive cloth. Rough cloths may scratch the plastic. Use a special plastic cleaner. Other chemicals may damage the acrylic, so it's very important that you use a formula specially made for use on acrylics.

If your fountain is scratched – perhaps you have already tried to clean it with an abrasive cloth – do not worry. Small scratches can be removed by applying an adequate amount of plastic polish to the scratch. You can fix deeper scratches with a plastics repair kit. These are inexpensive and can be ordered online or at a specialty shop. Put your water fountain out of the way. It should be somewhere visible, of course, so you can enjoy its presence, but put it in a place where it will not be knocked over or bumped. This will prevent scratching and breaking the fountain, as well as keep it from spilling out water.

Your fountain can be enjoyed without being damaged. Encourage friends and children to look without touching. This will help keep your fountain clean and lower maintenance requirements. Your acrylic fountain should bring you joy for many years to come. Remember to keep a plastic cleaner on hand, and to use only very soft cloths to clean it. This will help you to avoid scratching it. If you put it somewhere where it will not be bumped or knocked, it will last even longer. This way, you can keep your fountain beautiful.

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How to Care for an Acrylic Fountain
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